Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Passing Judgment

Last week I was sick.  Just a little cold, but it removed me from my normal activities and shook up our routine a bit.  I took my daughter to ballet, and while I usually join the exercise class next door, I had to skip because of my cold.  I decided to go to the grocery store instead.  check. check.  Smile 

I returned to the ballet studio to pick my daughter up, and I stayed in the waiting room with other parents and a group of ladies waiting for the next exercise class to begin.  I was drawn to watch two ladies who were staring through the exercise view window.   Most people try not to stare at other people exercising.  It is some kind of unspoken rule.  You don’t want others to see you sweating and in all stages of DEATH.  Well, that may be an exaggeration, but you get my drift.  Anyway, these women were staring at the window looking completely aghast.  I mean mouths open and just chatting away with lines like, “she’s jumping, I just can’t believe it, can’t be healthy at this stage.” 

I had to get a look at who they were talking about.   You guessed it.  They were openly judging a women in late pregnancy.  How could she??  Workout??? This late in pregnancy?????  As a woman who is 4 months post partum after a pregnancy that included 3 times a week workouts until week 38, it was my turn to be aghast.

Oh judgment.  Why do you rear your ugly head?  What these women didn’t know: 

1. Working out during pregnancy is healthy.  I exercised regularly during my 3rd pregnancy, and had such an easier time gaining a normal amount of weight and keeping my blood pressure under control.  I had no swelling of hands or feet, and felt amazing.

2.  Doctors and studies show that working out during pregnancy is healthy for mama and baby.  I limited high impact exercise after week 32, and wore a heart rate monitor to keep my heart rate elevated, but not too high and I continued to exercise.  Moving is preferred to not moving.

3.  This woman they were so openly judging was a workout instructor herself, and probably in better shape at week 30+ than these non-pregnant counterparts.

All this to say, I learned a lesson.  Don’t judge.

Viewing this scenario from the outside helped me put a large chunk of my life into perspective.  I’m a people pleaser from way back.  Watching these women talk about and so clearly judge another further cemented something it took me until my 30’s to learn.  I can’t please everyone, and I just gotta be me.

So, here’s my encouragement for ME, maybe you can benefit too. 

Know your reasons.

Know your heart.

Know your God.

Live it.

Friday, October 4, 2013

?Why homeschool Wednesdays?

There are a thousand more reasons to homeschool, but this is probably all I'll document here. So, my last reason for homeschooling, money. It is a big cost saver to school at home when you want to customize your child's education. We could pay for some pricey private school, but I would have to get a job, find a sitter for the baby and still not have a completely customized education. For us, the most economical option is homeschool.  

I was thinking about money savings today and I think it applies to so many areas in addition to academics. Our lunches (I can even serve leftovers), clothes (we still wear them, ha! But since it is just us, we wear what we want), field trips ( we get all kinds of group homeschooling discounts, and we can purchase memberships to museums, etc, that we will actually use). Finally, since we run our own homeschool we get the educational discounts for software and a variety of other things.

So that's it, short and sweet. If you would like me to answer any more homeschool questions, just leave a comment.  See ya round!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Well, I was really feeling the pressure last week.  Our littlest one only had one pair of pants and one pair of shorts to wear after I went through to weed out items that he had grown out of.  Of course he still had a few shirts and a few sleepers, but we were running low! 

Before August was born, a dear friend brought me 2 tubs of baby boy clothes to use. I thought I had pulled out all the 0-6 month stuff before he was born, so I was getting stressed. I thought I should check the tub one more time before I scheduled a shopping trip.  Jackpot! Clothing galore!
Check out this stack.  This is just the 6 month stuff. Wow! I feel loved, and I'm reminded, how can I love on my friends and family today?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

? Why homeschool Wednesdays ?

It is still Wednesday! I made it!
So, this is the reason we decided to homeschool. These squishy little faces. I get to spend time with them. We actually have so much fun together that we get tired of one another. I'm racking up all the hours I can before they are big, and driving, and dating.  Oh it is coming, and the years will fly by. I enjoy my kids and (most days) they enjoy me. We have ups and downs, and mood swings but we also have treasured moments. Sweet times where big sis and little bro pretend to be grocery store workers or pirates for hours. I want more of that. More hugs, more kisses and more "how does the world work" questions for mommy.

Also, we wear what we want. Sweats in the August heat? Sure! Stripes and plaid? You got it! No judgment here.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

?Why homeschool Wednesdays? TIME

So, you noticed it is not Wednesday? Ha! Well, that introduces my post today perfectly.  Why do we homeschool? Time! We do things on our own time schedule. For example, this Monday we have a field trip scheduled. We will take the day off from studies and double up somewhere else during the week. 

Also, I have the freedoms to cover subjects at a rate that is comfortable for each child.  With math, both kids started math the same week, but Asher just finished up week 4 while livi just completed week 5. I know Asher will catch up later, or not. It just doesn't stress me out because the schedule is not important. The focus is on the relationship.

Friday is a favorite day for me and the kids. After we've finished all scheduled work, we move on to centers. Four centers times 20 minutes each equals 1hour 20 mins of free time for mommy. The kids do each center alone and they are modified for each kid.  Here is what we did today.

Here Asher is lacing to work on his fine motor skills while listening to Mozart piano concertos.
Livi is trying out a new game on the iPad called "opposites."
Counting and sorting coins, livi used this time to add up the money as well.
Listening to an audio book. At the end of the book, we found sheet music to a song on the cd as well.

They think mommy is the best when they get to do centers. I try to offer at least 2 brand new centers every week, and I always give them materials they haven't seen before. If you homeschool, try centers. They can save your sanity! Do you have any tricks that give you more time?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

?Why Homeschool Wednesdays?

Wow!  Welcome to “Why Homeschool Wednesday.”  In my effort to blog more regularly in a last ditch effort to print some kind of memory album, I’m starting a new weekly segment. 

We homeschool. 

Most of you can imagine one or two reasons why on your own because I’m sure you know someone who homeschools, and you’ve probably already had this conversation with someone.  You can’t throw a rock lately without hitting a homeschool family.  Sign of the times people.  Anyway.  Here’s one reason we homeschool. 


We have lots of choices.  What curriculum, which co-op, when to holiday, what to eat for lunch, what to wear, when to get up, what days to school, what days to field trip.  I love the choices.  There is so much freedom in homeschooling.  That’s all. 

See you next week Winking smile
1st day web

(A shot from our first day)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School

It is the start of the 3rd week of school for us, but I’m just now getting our portraits out there.  Happy start of school!!
B2S Asher 2013-2014 web
Livi b2s 13-14 web